The Irish National Agency is organising a seminar in Dublin from 22.-25.05.2023 entitled: "Accreditation in Erasmus Plus". The target group of the event are stakeholders from the field of adult education, school education and vocational education and training. The seminar is primarily aimed at representatives of institutions that intend to apply for Erasmus accreditation by the next application deadline (October 2023). The main objective of this event is to support the participants in preparing a high quality accreditation application.

An Erasmus Plus Accreditation is a new way to access mobility activities under the new Erasmus Programme (2021-27).The aim is to

  • make the planning of Erasmus mobility projects  more strategic
  • have a significant impact of the projects at institutional level
  • better correlate with EU educational policies and/or objectives.

To achieve the above objectives the new Programme has been designed to make it easier for organizations to access. With Erasmus Plus accreditation, organizations only need to be accredited once to receive funding for Key Action 1 mobility activities during the seven years of the Programme. Key Action 1 supports organizations in delivering professional and personal development opportunities for learners, teachers and trainers and other education staff.



The costs of the event (accommodation, meals, seminar fees) will be covered for you by the organising National Agency. NA at BIBB subsidises your travel expenses. 


Expected results

The primary goal of this event is to prepare the participant to submit a high quality accreditation application.The secondary goal is at least 70% of those applying get an accreditation.


Target group

  • The seminar is open to participants within the fields of School Education, Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education.
  • The seminar is mainly targeted at teachers, leaders and others.
  • The institutions they represent intend to apply for an Erasmus+ Accreditation by the next application deadline (October 2023).



The application process will be carried out on the platform SALTO. The applicants need to have a SALTO account.

The Registration is closed.

For questions about the event, please contact                                                                    

For questions about the organisation, about your participation and the application process, please contact

Karina Janowska at Karina.Janowska[at]bibb(dot)de, Phone number: 0228107-1570