How to engage people with low educational background

The aim of the contact seminar is to provide an opportunity for organisations from different European countries to find partners with similar interest and to enhance the development of project ideas to be funded in the new Erasmus+ programme. The thematic area in the focus will be the engagement of adults with low educational background in adult learning. Special emphasis will be put on the development of adult basic skills as a key element of the implementation of the Upskilling Pathways initiative.

Expected results:

  • Participants have a strong awareness of the needs of the target groups and are willing to work on developing new ways of involving them
  • Participants have a thorough understanding of the Upskilling Pathways initiative and become more aware of their own role in the implementation
  • Sharing and collecting best practices in the field
  • Creation of new partnerships among European organisations in the focus area
  • New project ideas are born

Hinweis zum Programm

An expert on people with low educational background will facilitate workshops, although, partner NA staff/experts in this field are more than welcome to facilitate workshops (developing content with the involvement of the delegated expert). It is necessary to take part in the entire programme.

Auf einen Blick

  • Zielgruppe: The online course is open to participants within the field of adult education: adult education centres, teacher training institutions, enterprises, research institutions and other organizations active in adult education and interested in the theme of the seminar and committed to develop Erasmus+ KA2 or KA1 projects.
  • Veranstaltungsort: Online. 
  • Datum: 10.11.2020 - 12.11.2020
  • Bewerbungsfrist: Die Bewerbungsfrist ist bereits verstrichen.


Bei Fragen zur Veranstaltung oder zum Bewerbungsverfahren wenden Sie sich bitte an:
Anke Wekerle
0228 107 2553