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(Study visit) Fight against gender stereotypes: in educational and teaching practices, in school guidance and career guidance

I am really sorry to inform you that due to development of COVID-19 pandemia in France and following the measures announced last evening by our President, we have to postpone the study visit planned from 6th april. 
All pre-schools, schools and universities will be closed from Monday 16 of march.
So far, we are planning to postpone this study visit from 6th - 9th of july 2020. 

How do we fight gender stereotypes? What educational policy can be implemented? What actions in terms of communication, school socialisation are possible? What are the innovations in educational and teaching practices to fight against gender stereotypes? How can we make sure that school career guidance is giving equal opportunities and advices for girls and boys? How can we be sure that the access of girls to scientific and technical subjects is fair?

The participants should be interested in exchanging and developing good practices, methods, materials, tools, pedagogical approaches and/or ways of working in this specific field.

Participants would also get information on Erasmus+ opportunities for further cooperation.

The event is co-organised by the IH2EF - Institut des hautes études de l’éducation et de la formation (Institute for advanced studies in education and training) and the Ministry of Education. http://www.ih2ef.education.fr/.

Share experiences, practices and educational policies with other specialists from all over Europe will be the topic. Meet project participants, experts and participate actively in order to enrich practices in Europe. Discover Erasmus+ opportunities to establish new ideas in Europe.

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  • Zielgruppe: The study visit is targeted at school inspectors (primary and secondary schools), trainers, school leaders, educational, social and health personnel, experts, guidance counsellors, ministerial representatives. Active participation is expected. The participants should be prepared to share their experiences and suggest a tool or practice, which seems relevant in his or her country regarding the fight against gender stereotypes.
  • Bewerbungsfrist: 13. Februar 2020

Weitere Informationen

  • Costs covered by the organising NA: Meals from the 6th of April evening to the 9th of April lunch.
  • Accommodation from Monday 6th of April to the 9th of April (3 nights: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).
    It is necessary to take part in the entire programme.

Bei Fragen zur Veranstaltung oder zum  Anmeldeverfahren wenden Sie sich bitte an:
Anke Wekerle
0228 107 2553

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