Go.Learn.Share and be part of Erasmus+ - European Kick Off Meeting EuroApprentices

7 - 9 May 2017, Cologne, Germany

30 apprentices from six countries met in Cologne to start the EuroApprentices-Network. EuroApprentices are young people who participated in the Erasmus+ programme within their VET-training and who will share their European experiences with other peers. Spending two days together in Cologne, the apprentices shared their personal experiences, learnt how to organize different types of EuroApprentices-activities and performed their first activities. The network was established by the National Agencies for VET in Erasmus+ from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Germany.

young people standing around a table and writing on a big piece of paper
Workshop on Project Planning (© NA beim BIBB/Rainer Zensen)

The meeting started on Wednesday evening with a get-together. On a big map of Europe, the EuroApprentices marked where they spent their Erasmus+ experience. From northern Norway to Malta almost all European countries were named. Sharing their experiences and letting the others know where they spent their Erasmus+ experience, it was noticeable how inspired and positive the apprentices felt about their work experiences abroad with Erasmus+. Quickly they chatted with each other. “Where did you go? How was it?” was heard everywhere and the enthusiasm was visible on their faces.

Workshops to encourage social competences for further activities

On Thursday, the apprentices attended workshops on different themes: social media, workshop planning and presentation techniques. The Finnish Social Media Expert Esko Lius and the two EuroPeer-Trainers Maria Bergmann and Joscha Wirtz led the workshops. In groups, the apprentices then planned their first activity. This was very exciting: Where will we go? How will we present our Erasmus+-experience? How will we arise interest? The apprentices got very creative, discussed ideas and created a concept for their first activity, which they presented at the end of the day.

First activities in Vet-School and public space

Erasmus+ ambassadors (© NA beim BIBB/Rainer Zensen)

On Friday morning, the apprentices were well prepared and ready for their first EuroApprentices activities: Two groups went to a Vocational School in Cologne, told more than 50 German apprentices about their European experiences and the Erasmus+-programme, showed photos of their stays abroad and furthered motivation. The other two groups went to different spots in Cologne, put signs with messages on trees and pathways, talked to the public and spread the Erasmus+-spirit around the city.

At the end of the meeting, all apprentices were happy and full of motivation for their new task. They went back to their home countries with a suitcase full of ideas and new friends and felt again part of Erasmus+.

The next European EuroApprentices Network Meeting will take place in Austria in 2018.

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