Europe on the move - Key Competences to Create Mobility Projects in VET - A contact-making seminar by the National Agencies of Germany, France, Ireland and Iceland to foster mobility projects in VET

27 - 29 May 2019, Berlin (Germany)

80 participants representing different VET organisations from 20 European countries met during the contact seminar in Berlin. The goal of the seminar was to enable and initiate new partnerships between VET institutions and thereby help the organisations to develop new project ideas and create future mobility projects in Erasmus+.

After a welcome by the moderator Paul Guest and the hosting German National Agency the event started with presentations of “Good practice” of experienced beneficiaries from Germany, France and Ireland.
On the first day, the seminar focused on getting to know each other by means of icebreaking activities and a European fair. Furthermore, Erasmus+ newcomers had the chance to learn basic facts and fígures about Erasmus+ in VET.


European Fair: Meet and greet new project partners

In the evening of the first day, the seminar venue turned into a European Fair, where the participants presented their institutions, projects and regions. They brought appetizers and specialities from their regions and served them: handmade cookies from North Macedonia, Liquor Vana Tallinn from Estonia, sweet potato cake from La Reunion, Irish Bailys chocolate, German Riesling and much more. Walking around, the participants got to know each other, their organisations, VET systems and their project ideas.

From Initial Ideas to VET Mobility Projects: Forming working groups, matching project partners

The second day started with a selection of thematic workshops, the participants received a short input and worked on the first challenges of planning a project, such as finding a partner or getting to know opportunities of staff mobilities. The second workshop session focused on key considerations and preparations when creating VET mobilities. Moving around on 5 big tables the participants worked together in groups on 5 different topics: Intercultural and Language Preparation, Project management, Monitoring & Mentoring and Learning recognition and Documentation of learning.
Having gained all necessary competences in the afternoon the participants developed project ideas and if possible already worked concretely on their Project drafts.

    Create your VET Mobility: Exchange and Co-Creation

    On the last day, the participants continued working together on their projects and consulted with NA staff. They also had the opportunity to exchange thoughts and experiences on key themes relating to the application, delivery and follow-up of VET mobility projects.

    At the end of the contact seminar, a selection of project ideas were presented. Hopefully they will be realized in the future. To make sure all the good input of the seminar and all the great ideas aren’t forgotten in everyday’ life, every participant took a card and noted the next steps to follow up the results of the contact seminar.

    During the three days, it was noticeable that Erasmus+ enriches the European education area - especially the working lives of VET students and staff - and that a contact seminar is an important instrument to bring people together and create future mobility Projects.

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